• Accelerate document creation and revision
    • Control document quality
    • Integrate document assembly
  • Profit from our technology

    There’s little profit in struggling with software that doesn’t work for you. We offer two product lines, MacPac and Forte, to accommodate different organizational structures and work cultures.

  • Rely on our support

    Each of our clients has a project manager who leads your implementation and connects you to company experts in configuration, customization, installation, and on-going product enhancements.

  • Leverage our expertise

    Which documents should you automate? Who should be involved? How do you train people effectively? We bring over 25 years’ experience in consulting on document automation issues.

Take advantage of us.

Over 500 clients worldwide have relied on TSG products, support, and services for document automation. 

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Our two product lines, MacPac and Forte, work seamlessly in MS Word, on a Windows platform, to drive document automation in your law firm or business. You may choose a fully integrated system or purchase à la carte from a broad menu including our popular Numbering Tool and templates for letters, contracts, and pleadings. Read more


We are your partners in making TSG products work for your organization. From initial document consultation, through system configuration, installation, and implementation, to your most recent support call with your own TSG project manager, you can depend on our expert, personal support. Read more


For over 25 years, we have helped clients increase productivity and decrease system implementation costs through our on-site consulting and training services. We can accelerate the process of selecting documents for automation and advance the skills of end-users, IT, administrative staff, and support personnel. Read more